Monday, September 19, 2016

The 68 Stations of Montreal

CBC Radio Canada has carried out an analysis of the people who live around every one of Montreal's 68 metro stations. Les 68 Stations de Métro de Montréal allows you to view a range of different demographic and economic data about the population living around each station.

The interactive map at the top of the page allows you to select from a number of different filters to view data such as the immigrant population, the individual & family income and the number of residents who have been to university. Each of these data sets are represented on map by scaled circular markers over each station. The colors of the circles are determined by the line's color on the Montreal Metro map.

There is a good analysis of the differences in the populations on each subway line and around different stations beneath the map. This analysis takes the form of a story map. I particularly like how all the place-names in this text are colored by line and how, if you hover over a place-name in the text, its location is also highlighted on the map.

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