Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The China Aid Map

China has provided over $1.9 billion in aid to Pacific Island countries in the last ten years. These loans have helped Pacific Island countries in many ways, for example in helping to build important infrastructure such as hospitals and roads.

Much of China's aid in the region, however, has been in the form of concessional loans. Concessional loans can be a great way for counties to raise money on generous terms, although they do of course come with a degree of diplomatic and political indebtedness. Especially if a country subsequently struggles to repay the loan.

You can view how much Pacific Island countries have received in aid from China, how that money is being spent and how much of the aid is in the form of concessional loans on an interactive map produced by the Lowy Institute. Chinese Aid in the Pacific provides information on Chinese aid projects in the Pacific islands region since 2006.

The map uses scaled markers to indicate the amount of Chinese aid received by each Pacific Island country. The map sidebar also allows you to filter the amount of aid provided by type of aid and by the sector funded.

If you zoom in on the map you can view details on the individual projects which have been funded by Chinese aid, including details on the amount of aid provided and a description of the funded project,

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