Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Street Sounds of San Francisco

What are the distinctive sounds of San Francisco? The SF Bay Area Sound Map might be able to answer that question with its interactive Google Map documenting and presenting the sonic experiences of the city and surrounding areas.

Using the map you can listen to sound recordings captured at locations throughout the Bay Area, from the wailing sirens of San Francisco's early warning system to the cries of 'hot chocolate' & the cheers of the crowd at a Giants game.

To listen to the contributed sounds you just need to click on a marker on the map. You can filter the sound recordings shown on the map by city, tags and by the date the sound was recorded. If you log-in to the map with a Google account you can even add your own recorded sounds to the map.

Check out the Sound Maps tag on Maps Mania for more maps of soundscapes, accent & dialect recordings and the sounds of nature around the world.

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