Friday, December 11, 2009

Asset Tracking with Google Maps

Clover Point's Asset Tracking Anywhere

Clover Point's asset tracking anywhere (ATA) product enables large scale enterprises to track their assets, whether they are buildings, ships, or photocopiers or storage tanks. Asset Tracking Anywhere provides a holistic view of an organisation’s entire asset base, in real space (x,y,z) and over time, providing instant feedback for control and optimisation of an organization.

Asset Tracking Anywhere (ATA) is Clover Point's web-based modular Master Planning Tool that brings the best of GIS, 3D gaming engine technology and enterprise management.The ATA mapping module supports most mapping engines (including Google Maps), interchangeably in real time, with a ‘shift on the fly’ interface.

ATA’s 3D Geovisualization module is currently being applied in the field of Urban Planning where planners, engineers and the general public are using the module to explore environments and scenarios based on spatio-temporal data.



Ethan Mudgett said...

That's an amazing way of creating a virtual world or a building using Google Maps. I'm glad that asset tracking can make work more fun and creative for both the client and the owner. The interactive nature of this system can allow for better cooperation between the two parties involved.

Unknown said...

Great post. It's amazing to see all of the different applications one can use Google Maps for. My company, AlphaPoint Technology, utilizes Google Maps for our IT asset tracking software. It's a great way to allow companies to track their IT assets in real-time using an intuitive mapping system the people are familiar with and very comfortable using.