Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lost Cats & Dogs on Google Maps

Animal Finders

Animal Finders in Oxford, UK provides a service for people to report lost and found animals in the Oxford area. These reports can be seen on a Google Map and are also distributed via email and SMS to key organisations plus members of the Local Pet Watch scheme in the Oxford area.

Owners of missing animals can use Animal Finders as a one-stop-shop for spreading the word in a fast and efficient way. The Animal Finders system also automatically creates a poster for each and every missing animal reported which you can then display around your neighbourhood.

The map uses a simple marker system, 'L' markers represent lost animals, 'F' markers indicate found pets and 'S' shows animals that have been stolen.


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Unknown said...

Many thanks for the mention here Keir.
Nick Carpenter, Animal Finders UK.