Sunday, December 06, 2009

Microblogging with Google Maps

Google Maps Mania has a new German contributor, Michael Ritz of LandKartenBlog. LandKartenBlog is a great German language blog about maps and the world of neo-geography.

To kick off his collaboration with Google Maps Mania, Michael introduced me to these two cool Google Maps based microblogging sites:


(in German) is a microblogging website for those who want to microblog about their favourite places or update friends with their current location. The site is essentially a Twitter like service but with Google Maps.

To update your status on involves clicking on your location on a Google Map and then posting a message. Like Twitter users get their own URL (e.g, and can follow and be followed by other users. Users can also upload photographs with a message. has an iPhone application so you can also post updates from your mobile.

ShortGPS is a URL shortening tool for addresses and GPS coordinates. The site uses Google Maps to determine your location and then generates a short URL.

Short GPS is fully integrated with Twitter. After determining your address a message window opens that allows you to send a message to Twitter with the short URL of your address.

Via: LandKartenBlog


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