Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Singapore & Stonehenge on Street View

Google have today released another big update of Street View imagery. For the first time Street View is available in Singapore. In the UK Google have added imagery from the winners of the UK Street View trike competition, including Stonehenge, Warwick Castle and Kew Gardens.

In Canada, Edmonton, Hamilton, London (Ontario), Saskatoon, St. John’s, Sudbury, Winnipeg and Victoria now all have Street View imagery.

There also seems to have been a huge increase of Street View in France, more cities added in Japan and some new imagery taken by the Street View trike, including Pompei, the Palace of Versailles, and Sea World San Diego and Orlando

Sea World, Orlando

Sea World, San Diego


Raffles Hotel, Singapore

The Esplanade, Singapore

The Pagoda, Kew Gardens

The Angel of the North, UK

Warwick Castle, UK

The Eden Project, UK

Manitoba Legislative Bldg, Winnipeg

BC Parliament Buildings, ‎Victoria

Pompei, Italy

Palace of Versailles

Update: News of the latest Street View update has now been released on the official Google LatLong Blog.

Hat-tip to Mapperz


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Anonymous said...

France also has since today a huge Street View update. Most of the country is now covered.