Monday, December 07, 2009

Favorite Places for Businesses

Google are adding local businesses to Favorite Places. They have sent out QR codes to over 100,000 businesses in the US that will be displayed in store windows.

Customers with QR scanners on their mobile phones will be able to read the QR barcodes and get all sorts of information about that business, such as the telephone number, photos and it's location on Google Maps.

The map feature is probably the least useful as you won't need a map when you are already outside the store. However customers will be able to access coupon offers that may entice them into the business.

More businesses will be sent QR stickers as the scheme is rolled out. The businesses themself are being chosen by Google's PlaceRank. PlaceRank is decided on a number of factors such as its PageRank, how many people know about it and how long it has existed.


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