Thursday, December 10, 2009

Google Maps of Mankato, Minnesota

The City of Mankato's Maps
The city of Mankato in Minnesota is using Google Maps to provide a wealth of local information and data about the city to its local residents. The maps include crime maps, maps of local amenities and garbage collection times.

The Mankato Police Calls For Service Map uses Google Maps to provide crime information for the city. Information on the map can be narrowed by type of crime, date range, neighborhoods and political wards.

The Garbage Pickup Schedule Map uses shaded overlays on Google Maps to show on which days garbage trucks will be collecting in each of the city's neighborhoods.

The Parks and Amenities Map allows residents to find local amenities. Amenities can be searched on the map under a number of categories. For example if you fancy a game of basketball you can click on basketball courts and all the city's public courts are displayed on the map.


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