Saturday, December 05, 2009

More New Street View Imagery

CNA Teaser

I don't know who created this Brazilian site or what they are promoting (whatever it is there are only 51 days to go), however I do like their Street View interface.

The site imposes a picture of a New York guide book on top of Google Maps Street View. The guide book includes interactive links to some of New York's favourite tourist destinations. When you click on a link you are taken to the Street View of that location. It is a lovely simple idea that works superbly.

Via: Street View Gallery

New Streetview Imagery in Cesky Krumlov

In reporting on this week's new huge Street View update I didn't notice that the Czech town of Český Krumlov also now has Street View. Český Krumlov is a very picturesque town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
has produced a nice blog post about the new Street View, comparing the new imagery with the 360 degree panoramic photographs they have produced of the town.


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