Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Google Maps of Tiger Woods

I've been desperately trying to avoid reading or hearing any Tiger Woods gossip over the last week or so. That's all now been ruined by these two Google Maps mashups.

Tiger Woods Tweets

This map is the perfect solution for those intrigued by the Tiger Wood's story. The map animates through all the latest Tweets mentioning the golfer.

So if you like your gossip salacious all you need do is fire up this map and sit back and watch as the world wags its collective tongue.

Map of Tiger's Women
This Google My Map purports to map Tiger Woods' women. The creator of the map has made it collaborative so anyone can add to the map. However the map's maker does say that "in order to keep the map manageable, please only include those since he's been married."


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Mapperz said...

'Tiger' changed his name to 'Cheetah'