Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Google's New Visual Search Application

Google Goggles

Google's new Android phone application, Google Goggles, allows mobile phones to carry out visual searches, using images rather than text. Users take a picture of something with their camera phone and Google will return results based purely on the photograph.

Goggles establishes a correspondence between different parts of an image and
Google's stock images. After finding a match Google can then return search results for whatever you have photographed.

For locations and places in the real world it is not even necessary to take a photo. You can just open Goggles in your mobile phone and thanks to GPS and the device compass Goggles recognizes the location and displays its name in the camera viewfinder using augmented reality technology (the guys from Enkin I believe are responsible for the AR technology). has produced this cool video to show how you can use Goggles to geo-tag old photographs when you can't remember where they were taken,


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