Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Death Star on Google Maps

Adidas Death Star

Adidas have produced a fun application that lets you take over the Star Wars Death Star and blow up your friends' houses on Google Maps. The application starts with a Star Wars type credit sequence and some sequences from the movie mixed together with your location detected by Google Maps.

Once the movie sequence has run your location is then shown in Google Maps satellite view being hit by an adidas logo shaped laser blast. Once you have destroyed your own location you can then use Facebook Connect to blow up your friends' houses and send them a link to your destruction.

To blow up a friend's house you just need to centre the Google Map (or use the location search to find it). You can then e-mail them a link or send them a message on Facebook.

The application has been developed to promote the adidas original Star Wars collection.

Via: Street View Gallery



shaun sayers said...

Why would I want to blow up my friends' house? I would much rather train it on my enemies. Is there an app for that?

Tommi said...

Type in your favorite politicians address.... ;)