Thursday, August 23, 2012

Find Content Nearby with Google Maps

ScanThe.Net allow users to discover content submitted to the Internet about any subject. If you enter a search term into ScanThe.Net you can view a stream of photos, videos and Tweets related to your search term.

ScanThe.Net Local throws geo-location into the mix as well, allowing the user to search for content being submitted to the web from different locations. This can be particularly useful during live events. For example, during next week's paralympic games you can use ScanThe.Net to find the latest Instagram and Flickr photos posted in Stratford, London, view any nearby YouTube videos and view geo-located Tweets from the Olympic Park.

You can set a location by entering a place into the search box or simply drag and drop a marker onto the Google Map. As soon as you set the location the app immediately streams the discovered content in the map sidebar.

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