Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Best Google Maps Images of the Day

Clicktrotter is a nice Street View slide-show that randomly selects Street View images from Google Maps coverage around the world.

The application resembles Stratocam, the Google Maps satellite image slideshow, that lets users vote up or down each satellite view. Clicktrotter shows random Street Views rather than satellite views and users just get to vote for their favourite images and can't down vote images they dislike.

Clicktrotter does allow users to view the Top 50 favourite images as voted by all users, so this app should be a great source for finding some of the best Google Street Views from around the world.

My only slight concern with this app is that the Google Maps copyright image has been removed from the Street View images, which won't please Google.

Mappix is a great little app that posts a random Satellite image from Google Maps everyday and then posts a link to the image on the @Mappix Twitter stream. Follow Mappix on Twitter and you will receive a daily Tweet to a randomly generated Google Maps satellite view.

The concept behind the application is simple enough but there are some clever things going on beneath the hood of this app. For example, the co-ordinates for each satellite image are created randomly each day and checked to ensure that the co-ordinates generated aren't in an ocean somewhere. This ensures that you aren't shown a boring succession of satellite views of water.

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