Monday, August 27, 2012

Interactive Timelines with Google Maps

MyHistro is a tool for creating interactive Google Maps time-lines.

Using myHistro it is possible to create a mapped time-line of any subject. A time-line can be of pictures and places you visited on your last vacation, the life of Marilyn Monroe an account of battles in the American Civil War or anything else that you want to map.

Completed time-lines can be navigated by clicking on the time-line (positioned above the map) or by clicking on individual map markers. Each time-line map can also be viewed as a chronological animation by using the playback controls. 

I can see a lot of potential uses for MyHistro. In particular teachers should find this a great tool to allow students to plot a time-line of events and present their Google Map to the rest of the class.

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mpegg said...

Cool! Great to see there is finally a tool to create these!