Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Map is on Fire

One area where OpenStreetMap has traditionally had the edge over Google Maps is in the options  developers have had to customise the look and design of a map. The Google Maps API has made great strides in the last couple of years in an attempt to bridge the design gap with the launch and development of the Styled Maps option in the API.

One company that has taken particular advantage of OpenStreetMap's design flexibility is Stamen Design. Their Watercolour Map has deservedly won lots of praise for the beauty of its design.

To celebrate the annual Burning Man festival Stamen Design has released a new design called Burningmap. This design uses WebGL to create a map that truly fires.If you want to view the map then you will need a browser that supports WebGL (try it in Chrome).

1 comment:

IGO said...

Great Art !
My city (Lyon) is beautiful throughout your app !
Thanks !