Thursday, August 09, 2012

Welcome to Greenland on Google Maps

The Official Tourism Site of Greenland has used Google Maps and image overlays to produce a very attractive map of the country.

On first looking at Greenland -Towns and Regions it is very hard to tell that the site actually uses the Google Maps API. The use of image overlays and what looks like a semi-transparent blue filter gives the map a truly unique, and attractive, design. It is only the appearance of the copyright messages at the bottom of the map that reveal that this is in fact a Google Map.

The panning and zoom controls have been disabled on the map to keep users focused on Greenland and on the interactive areas of the map. A number of map markers provide links to towns and regions featured on the website. If you click through to go to a town or region's section of the website you can view a more traditional Google Map of the area, including markers highlighting local points of interest.

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