Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jesus and Bieber on Street View

Google Sightseeing has discovered a wax museum in Madrid on Google Maps Street View. The museum includes models of a whole host of film stars, sports personalities famous musicians and Justin Bieber.

Jesus also makes a surprise appearance. 

Google's new indoor Street View images are throwing up quite a few interesting images, including this dog in a silver suit, in a restaurant in San Francisco.

Street View Funny found out this week that in Poland Street View has got into the wedding photography game. And if this shot is anything to go by it looks like it could be a lucrative sideline.

Street View isn't having it all its own way though. Google's aerial view imagery in Australia has captured this close-up of a plane.

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Petr said...

It's not Czech republic, it's in Poland :)... good captures though! :)