Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pop Culture on Street View

Ever since Google launched its 360 degree interactive imagery some music fans have been using Street View to find and tour the locations of famous album covers

The NME has created a Musical Tour of London with Google Street View, providing links to the Street View locations where a number of classic album covers were taken in the UK capital. BuzzFeed has also put together a collection of album covers with images of the same scene as captured by Google Maps Street View. .

The Musical Pilgrimages Map doesn't actually use Street View but it does use Google Maps to display locations made famous by musicians. The site's aim is to help you look up the location of a place mentioned in a song, shown in an album cover, used in a video or just where an artist was born. The Rapmap is using Google Maps and Street View to locate places mentioned in (you gusessed it) rap songs.

PopSpots has taken things a little further. The site does have a definite emphasis on album covers but has a wider scope taking in 'famous events of Pop culture', including scenes used in paintings. PopSpots has also got a little more creative in its presentation of album covers, actually using Photoshop to superimpose the album covers on top of the Street View image.

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