Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How Well Do you Know Google Maps?

Uncharted.fm is a great way to learn about and explore the countries of the world with Google Maps.

The Uncharted.fm country quiz is very well done. The quiz takes you through progressive stages exploring different continents and parts of the world. In each stage of the quiz users are shown a number of countries on Google Maps and told the name of each country. The user is then tested on the countries they have been shown.

If the user answers wrong then Uncharted.fm uses audio and text to reveal the correct answer so that learning is reinforced as the quiz progresses.

Uncharted.fm isn't just a quiz. It also contains great content about each country. After completing each task the learner gains access to content about the countries featured, including images, Wikipedia information and basic facts about the country.

If Uncharted.fm is connected to a Facebook account users can also post their scores and compete with their friends.


Andy said...

Seems to *require* facebook: the only clickable area on the page is a "Sign up via Facebook" button. Too bad, might have been interesting.

Anonymous said...