Thursday, August 16, 2012

Finding a Job with Google Maps's Tech Jobs Map is a Google Maps based posting board for jobs in the technology sector. are focused on independent software development posts and have built the map to show where companies, project managers and entrepreneurs are hiring programmers. The map itself is very simple. You just need to browse the map markers near your location to find nearby positions.

You can click on a map marker to read details about the job and click through to get further details and to (maybe) apply for the position.

Maployed is a Google Map that displays job vacancies in the USA.

You can search the map by job type, company or by salary. For example, if you want to work for Google you can enter 'Google' into the company search field and view all the job vacancies for the search giant across the United States.

UK job searching website TotalJobs features a Google Maps based interface to display jobs vacancies geographically.

Totaljobs is currently advertising over 100,000 jobs on the map. The map tool allows users to search  by salary, type of job and location. People searching for jobs in London, for example, are able to search for jobs within a specified distance of their chosen location and see these highlighted on the map.

If you click on a map marker you can view the job details and potential jobs can then be selected and dropped into your job basket.

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Despite the downturn a number of companies are still looking for employees. Fortune have produced a list of the 22 best companies to work for that have at least 500 openings. That is a total of more than 87,750 jobs. Virender Ajmani has created a Google Map of Fortune's list. The companies are displayed on the map with numbered markers, the numbers indicate each company's standing in the Fortune Top 100 list. The companies are also listed in hierarchical order in the map sidebar.