Monday, August 06, 2012

Giving Elevation Height in Google Maps

One of the most interesting presentations at this year's Google I/O was about Google Maps visualisations using the new CanvasLayer library. That presentation included an interesting demonstration of using the CanvasLayer Library to add elevation height along a path.

Fuzzy Tolerance has decided to recreate this functionality using SVG symbols. What's more they have been kind enough to share the code as well. Using SVG in this way provides a nice alternative for map developers to actually display elevation along a route on the map rather than as a separate elevation chart beneath or beside the map.

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Kyle said...

It would be VERY neat for an elevation height on Google maps.

I think it would be cool if Google released these maps in book form for each reagion like the Pacific Northwest would be one book you would buy having heaps of information in it or the Desert SouthWest.