Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shooting Zombies on Street View

You might want to play this game quickly as it is a lot of fun and Google quickly pulled a similar Street View shooting game earlier this year. It therefore may not be available for very long.

Resident Evil: Retribution Street Invasion is a zombie killing game that takes place in Google Maps Street View. Just enter an address into the game and you are transported there on Street View. As soon as you arrive zombies start surrounding you and you have to start picking them off with the gun provided.

Using Street View for the background to the game is an inspired move as it allows you to fight on your very own street or pick any location in the world. You can even fight inside the White House, thanks to the recent addition of Street View imagery for the President's Washington DC pad.


ryanjo said...

Not very much fun. It just defaults to "invalid address".

Mano Marks said...

Yeah, I get the same invalid address error

Jonathan said...

Looks like they're over their geocoding query limit. Too bad, I was looking forward to practicing for the invasion.

Resident Evil said...

Thats the end of everything, ftw!