Friday, August 24, 2012

Transit Planning for People with Disabilities

D-Trekkers is a crowdsourced public transport planner for people with disabilities or accessibility needs in the UK. The service allows anyone to get public transit directions with information about accessibility at all stations on the journey, whether wheelchair-friendly taxis are available at the destination and the standard of facilities at all stops involved in the trip.

If you enter your starting point and destination into D-Trekkers a suggested route is displayed on a Google Map and all stations on the route are listed in the map sidebar. You can click on individual stations to learn how accessible they are. Alternatively if you just wish to learn about the accessibility of an individual stop you can enter its name into the search box.

D-Trekkers has only just launched in beta, so many stations still have no accessibility information. If you have information about the accessibility options at a station you can register and fill in the missing information.

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