Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Avoid the Ghetto Option for Google Maps

One of the most frequently asked questions to pop-up on my Twitter searches for Google Maps is,

"Why doesn't Google Maps have an 'avoid the ghetto' option?"

This, I assume, is a request for an option in Google Maps driving directions to avoid crime hotspots.

SaferRoute is an interesting attempt to do just this for the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. Using crime data from Lothian and Borders Police Reports, this Google Maps app will return directions that try and avoid crime hotpsots.

If you enter two addresses into the app you will be shown a Google Map with two routes highlighted. The safest route is shown in green on the map and the fastest route is shown in red. Beneath the map turn-by-turn directions are also given, with each street on the journey given a safety rating.

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