Friday, July 05, 2013

Introducing Team Maps

The popular mapping creation tool Map Channels has released a new tool, called Team Maps. Team Maps provides tools to create advanced interactive maps for your website.

This site is currently in a Beta release and is a development upon mapping projects developed at Map Channels over the last five years. Team Maps makes it easy for teams to work on and develop maps together. Team members all get their own Team Maps accounts and can work together or individually to develop a team mapping project.

Using Team Maps users can easily create customised Google Maps. They can add markers, polygons and polylines, display multiple location feeds on a map and define templates to customise data presentation. Other features include map marker clustering, integrated Google Places search and custom CSS styling.

Team Maps has also just released Quad Angle Maps. Quad Angle Maps displays four separate Google Maps 45 degree imagery views of the same location. Using Quad maps you can therefore view the same location from four different angles.

All the views are linked so that as you pan one view the other views move accordingly. Obviously Quad Angle Maps only works where Google Maps has oblique (bird's eye) imagery. Handily Quad Angle Maps provides links to where the imagery is currently available on Google Maps

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