Monday, July 22, 2013

Name that City in One

There is something very addictive about these Street View location guessing games. GR8CTZ is inspired by Anton Wallén's popular GeoGuesser Street View game. However in GRTCTZ you have to guess which major city you have been transported to and you won't be shown any Street Views of rural wildernesses.

The game has three levels of difficulty. Level 1 is the easiest as you are shown Street Views of iconic spots in cities around the world, for example, Times Square in New York or Red Square in Moscow. If you don't immediately recognise the location you can walk around in Street View and get clues from the architecture, street signs and other visual clues.

Level 2 is a little harder as you are placed in a random spot in a city. After two unsuccessful guesses you will be transported to somewhere a little more recognisable in the city.

After you have successfully guessed five cities you can view your score. The score is based on how quickly you guessed each city correctly. You also have the chance to review your travels, where you were, for how long, and what guesses you tried. You are also able to revisit the locations at you leisure on a Google Map. 

You can even grab a link to challenge your friends on exactly the same city streets as you tried. Level 0 is more like a screensaver than a game. This level transports you to a famous location in a famous city and you don't have to guess the location, instead the location is slowly revealed for you.

GeoGuessr is a Street View geography quiz that sets you the challenge of guessing the locations of a series of random Street View images. Using visual clues, such as the fauna, landscape and street furniture you have to place a pin on a global Google Map indicating where you think each Street View image was taken.

The closer your guess to the actual location then the more points you win.

Locatestreet is a very similar game that presents a series of random Street Views and the player has to guess the country where the image was captured.

The featured terrain, architecture, street furniture and modes of transport all provide clues that can help the player guess the country of origin of the random Street View image. The game also includes three clues for each image, but be warned - if you use a clue you will win less points. 

Street View Quiz is a series of quiz questions based on Google Maps Street View.

In each quiz question you are presented with a Street View and then have to answer a question related to the view presented. The questions might ask you to name something seen in the Street View or you could get a more general question about something that happened at the location.

Street View Quiz includes a simple interface that allows users to create their own questions by providing a link to a Street View and submitting the question and answer.

Pursued is a surprisingly fun Street View game from Hungarian independent game developers Nemesys Games.

The game is very simple but no less gripping for that. You are placed into an unnamed location in Google Maps Street View and all you have to do is guess the city. If you can't tell by the visual clues in the Street View you can move around by clicking in the Street View image and by using your '+' and '-' keys to zoom in and out.

If you finish all the pre-programmed levels, you can make and share your own levels.

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