Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Indian Real Estate on Google Maps

Commonfloor is a cleanly designed real estate search engine for India. The site allows users to search for a property to buy or rent by location on a Google Map.

Users can select a city to search from a drop-down menu. Within cities it is possible to search by address or by well known local landmarks. Users can also refine a search by price, property type and the number of bedrooms.

Favista is another Indian real estate search engine with a well designed Google Maps interface.

Users of Favista can search for residential or commercial properties on the map by location and by price. Favista provides search options for both those looking to buy and those looking to rent.

Housing.co.in is a Google Maps based real estate engine to search for properties for sale or rent in a number of Indian cities.

It is possible to search by price, location and by furnished or non-furnished properties. The map includes an option to search for properties within a set distance of your chosen location.

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