Thursday, July 18, 2013

Navigating the Paris Metro on Google Maps

There is something about the Paris Metro that sends me into a panic. For some reason whenever I'm passing through the city I always think I've left enough time to get from Station A to Station B. I then find myself standing confused in front of a Metro map trying to work out my route when the cold sweats start and I start thinking I'm definitely going to miss my train.

My Paris travel worries are over now, thanks to the Plan METRO Interactif. This Google Map based travel planner for the Metro is simple to use and provides a succinct step-by-step guide to travelling between any two stations on the network.

Users can simply click on two different stations on the map and instantly visualise the quickest route on the map. If needed a step-by-step guide can also be viewed by selecting the 'itineraire' option. If you don't know where either of your stations is on the map you can simply select the station from a drop-down menu.

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Anonymous said...

Only a few years ago, we had THAT in some stations :