Thursday, July 25, 2013

Australia's Economy on Google Maps

The Regional Australia Institute has launched a comprehensive, free, on-line tool to explore regional economic assessments. The [In]Sight application uses the Google Maps API to provide a mapped interface tracking the competitiveness of Australia’s 560 LGA and 55 Regional Development Australia (RDA) regions.

There is a vast amount of data, organised into a large number of categories, that can be explored on the map. It is possible to view the RDA regions ranked on the map (with numbered map markers) under each of the categories. For example, if you select 'Market Size' on the map you can view each of the 55 RDA regions ranked according to their market size. 

It is also possible to select an individual region by clicking on the map and view its ranking for each of the categories in the map sidebar.

Via: All Things Spatial

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