Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Maps of the Week

The Urban Observatory is a new city comparison tool that helps you to compare a number of global cities, using the ESRI mapping platform.

Users can select to compare heat maps of global cities across a number of demographic and social themes. The themes include 'Work', 'Transit', 'People', 'Public' and 'Systems'. Users can choose from a number of cities and view themed heat maps of the cities side-by-side.

Traffic Jitsu is real-time animated map of Reykjavik's bus network. The map shows the current location of the city's buses as they navigate the Icelandic capital.

The map is built upon MapBox map tiles. The buses themselves are represented on the map by dynamic map markers that point towards the current direction of travel and change color depending on whether the bus is currently in motion or picking up passengers at a bus-stop.

50 Years of the Rolling Stones is a mapped visualisation of all Rolling Stones tours, since their first UK tour in 1963.

The map allows fans to navigate through the tours in chronological order or to use a timeline to view a specific year. As you scroll through the tours a running total keeps track of the number of miles that the band has covered in their 50 years of existence.

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