Monday, July 15, 2013

Deriving Boundaries from Flickr Tags

Flickr Photos and Derived Neighborhood Boundaries is an interesting attempt to define Washington, D.C. neighborhood boundaries from the tags used in Flickr photographs.

The nieghborhood boundaries are aggregated from the tags used in 250,000 photographs. A Google Map shows the aggregated boundaries and the location of all 250,000 photos. The neighborhood tag for each photo is indicated by the color of each dot represented on the map.

PixtaPlace is another interesting application using Flickr; in this case to allow users to search and find images from anywhere in the world.

Users can search for any location by using the search box or by simply clicking on a Google Map. Recent photographs from Instagram, Flickr and 500px are then displayed to the user. PixtaPlace provides a useful way to search for recent pictures around a location and is therefore a great way to find photos taken at recent events.

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