Monday, July 29, 2013

Restaurant Inspections on Google Maps

The Guardian has released a Google Map of food safety inspections carried out on UK food outlets by the Food Standards Agency.

All the red dots on the Hygiene Ratings map indicate premises that failed an FSA inspection. Users can click on individual businesses to view the name of the business, when they were last inspected and what their inspection score was (a score of 0 indicates urgent improvement is necessary and a score of 5 shows the business received a very good food safety rating).

The Atlanta Health Inspections Map is a beautiful Stamen Design OpenSteetMap that uses the Google Maps API and Fusion Tables to visualise restaurant health inspection scores in the metro Atlanta area.

As well as being a thing of beauty the map has a useful purpose in showing Atlanta diners which restaurants are safest to eat in. The red map markers indicate the restaurants with the lowest health inspection scores and the green markers those restaurants that passed their inspections with flying colors.

The Seattle Food Inspection Map lets you examine the food inspection ratings for Seattle restaurants.

The map includes a nice slider function that allows you to search for restaurants in Seattle based on the inspection score. For example, you can set the slider to show only restaurants that have a score between 0-45 (a score of over 45 indicating a poor inspection).

Alternatively you could search for restaurants that you might want to avoid by setting the slider to only show restaurants with a score over 45.

NYC BigMaps has used the Your Mapper map creation tool to map restaurant inspections and 311 service calls in New York City.

The restaurant inspections map displays New York City Department of Health inspections across 5 boroughs since Jan 2008. You can search the map by category, date range, keyword, and location. The map then displays restaurants on the map at the location you searched.

Green map markers indicate restaurants with no health violations.

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