Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Are You Ready for Take Off?

Turn off your phones and buckle your seat belts because you are about to take a flight on a Boeing Dreamliner.

The 787 Dreamliner Flight Tracker is a fantastic flight tracking map that shows in real-time the location of 787's around the world. The application uses Google Maps to show the current position of the planes. However it is the use of the Google Earth Browser plug-in that really grabs the attention in this app.

The app allows you to select any 787 currently flying for any airline around the world and then zooms in on the plane's current position. The plane itself is shown using a detailed 3d model, which even displays the individual airline's logo.

The user then has the option of two Google Earth views. '360 view' pans your view around the plane, giving you a great view of the sea, mountains and / or 3d buildings on the ground. 'Passenger View' actually places you inside the 3d model of the plane and gives you a view as if you were actually looking out of the plane's window. 

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WhereisJustice said...

No need to buy airline tickets or go thru the Porn O Rama machines at the airports!

Do you still get patted down when you use the plug in? :)