Saturday, July 06, 2013

The Battle of Gettysburg Map

The best map I've seen all week is this ESRI map displaying the Decisive Moments in the Battle of Gettysburg. The map shows troop movements and the development of the battle during July 1 – 3, 1863.

The map tiles are based on an 1874 map of the area and also present-day digital data. The troop positions are determined from historical maps. The map includes an interactive time-line that allows the user to view the development of the battle over the whole three days.

Ridelapse is a map that displays the track of a cycle route and a video of the actual ride. The use of videos displayed on top of digital maps is nothing new, however I don't think that I've seen a video that is actually animated along a route before.

As the video plays it moves along the bike track so that the position displayed in the video reflects the position on the map. It is rather strange to see the video move around the map but is somehow strangely effective.

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Garth Henning said...

Over at we're showing changing national borders, city growth, battles, armies, ships, etc over time from 3000BC to today -- literally any day in history. We're a small project team, but as we get data filled in it shows the growth and evolution of human civilization. We're working on doing detailed battle maps now. We've done Shiloh, Cold Harbor, and just started on mapping Gettysburg.