Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Your Three Word Map Link

There have been a number of url shortening services built with the Google Maps API over the years. Google even built their own own link shortener into Google Maps, although that service seems to have disappeared from the new (invite only) version of Google Maps.

What makes what3words different from other location shortening services is the use of a memorable three word link. To get a short 3 word url link for a location users simply have to drag and drop a map marker onto the required location.

When you place the marker on your required location you are then given a short URL using three words, e.g.

The advantage for users is that the three word link can be easily remembered and shared with friends. So, for example, if you want to meet friends in a specific spot in the park you just need to tell them to meet at 'army head salad' and they can easily find the exact spot using the what3words desktop, Android or iOS app.

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