Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

Some parts of the United States saw record levels of snow this winter. In Mapping Snowfall in the United States the Washington Post has mapped out the accumulation of snow across the whole country. This animated map shows every inch of snow in the lower 48 accumulate over time from October through to the end of March.

The Washington Post's story includes a static map colored to show the areas that saw more and less snow than Washington DC this winter.

Now that spring is here you can begin to forget about all that snow and begin looking forward to the first green shoots of spring. In Hang On, Northeast. In Some Parts, Spring Has Already Sprung the New York Times has mapped out where spring has already arrived in the United States, and where it is late.

The Time's story also includes a really impressive animated map which shows when the first leaves usually begin to appear across the United States. On the map spring begins at the southern tip of Florida in January and then quickly creeps up through the rest of the United States in the following months.

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