Monday, March 12, 2018

Japan's National Crime Map

Gaccom Safety is Japan's new national crime map. Using the map you can search for local crimes by location, type of crime and by date & time.

If you zoom in on a location on the interactive map you can see where crimes have been reported to the police or local authorities. The map includes two modes. In 'normal' mode the crimes are displayed on the map by type of crime. There are 27 categories in total, ranging from theft to violent assault. In 'avatar' mode the locations of crimes are indicated by small stick-men who are based on the descriptions of the actual criminals.

If you click on an icon or avatar on the map you can read a summary of the reported crime. This summary includes a link to read a more detailed report about the selected crime. These details include the date and time of the crime and a description of the perpetrator.

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