Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pornhub's Premium Places

The village of Fucking in Austria is always having its road signs stolen by souvenir-hunting tourists. Pornhub think that it is unfair that the citizens of Fucking have to keep paying for new road signs. They have therefore decided to give all the residents of Fucking free premium membership of the Pornhub website.

It isn't only the citizens of Fucking who are getting free access to Pornhub Premium content. Pornhub's new Premium Places scheme gives free membership to anybody who lives in a town with a rude place-name. They even have a Premium Places Rude Place-names map. This map shows all the rudely named towns around the world that can now sign-up for free Pornhub membership. Including the residents of Cocking, Tit and Rectum.

If you are also titillated by towns that sound a bit rude then you might also like the The Vaguely Rude Map.

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