Friday, March 09, 2018

The Dog Map Dot Map

The European Population Density map is a dot density map which shows the population density of people in Europe. Each dot on the map represents 50 people. However the map completely fails to show where all the dogs live in Europe.

One Dog One Dot is an attempt to address this problem. At least for the capital of Hungary. One Dog One Dot is an interactive dot map showing where dogs live in Budapest. On this interactive map one dot equals one dog.

If you click on a dot on the map you can view the selected dog's name. It is important to note in order to ensure doggie privacy the locations of all dogs are randomized within each neighborhood. Therefore the dots don't show the exact address of each dog.

I don't know anything about Budapest housing. Therefore I'm unable to read much into the density of dogs in Budapest. The map's creator says that "there is no question that more dogs live in flats than in family houses". I just feel sorry for all those dogs living in the Danube.

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