Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Tallest Buildings in the Netherlands

The Tallest Buildings in the Netherlands is an impressive tour of the tallest skyscrapers in the Netherlands. All five of the tallest buildings are in Rotterdam. However the map also allows you to explore the building heights of every building in the Netherlands - in 3D.

Every building in the country has been modeled in 3D using the height data of buildings from the Dutch Land Registry. You can click on any of the buildings, anywhere in the country, to view its height in meters. All the buildings on the map are also color-coded by height.

If you want you can create a similar map using Mapbox. Display Buildings in 3D and Fly to a location based on scroll position might be two good example maps to get you started.

An alternative approach would be to use OSM Buildings. Webkid has published a very good tutorial on how to make Interactive 3D Maps With OSMBuildings. The tutorial explains how the Berliner Morgenpost's made their own Berlin's neue Skyline map. The Berliner Morgenpost's map was in turn inspired by the New York Times' Reshaping New York.

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