Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Size of Australia's Land Clearing

395,000 hectares projected over Sydney

Australia is the only country in the developed world on the WWF's Deforestation Fronts. These are the 11 places around the world where 80% of global deforestation is expected to occur in the next decade. In fact the WWF estimates that 3m hectares of woodland will be cleared in Australia before 2030.

The Guardian has released a new map tool which allows Australians to visualize how large 3m hectares is by overlaying a 3,000,000 hectare square over their town or city. The Land Clearing in Australia interactive map includes a number of options for viewing different areas of land clearance, including Estimated Land Clearing between 2010 and 2030, Annual Clearing in NSW 2013-2014 and Queensland Annual Land Clearing.

If you enter your postcode into the map you can view how these areas look when superimposed over your home.

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