Thursday, March 22, 2018

Pre-Trade War Planet Earth

Data Labs has created a 3d visualization of a pre-apocalyptic planet Earth. The visualization shows import and export rates around the world before Donald Trump's first global trade war. Global Corridors for Trade - Imports and Exports by Country shows how trade helped goods and services travel around the world before the Orange One began to impose arbitrary tariffs.

Using the drop-down menu you can select to center the map on a country of your choice. The map will then show you the total amount your select country spends and makes on importing and exporting goods (in minerals, machinery and agriculture).The lines on the map show the countries around the world that your chosen country has trade deals with.

You can select to view either imports and exports on the 3d globe. You can also break this trade down to show imports and exports of minerals, machinery and agriculture. The date tool at the bottom of the page allows you to view the trade figures for individual years and to a view a graph of import and export totals over time.

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