Friday, March 09, 2018

How Long Will You Live?

Women in Great Corby and Geltsdale in Carlisle can expect to live longer than women who live  everywhere else in England & Wales. According to new data from the ONS women in Corby and Geltsdale have a life expectancy of 97.2 years. Women in Gwersyllt West in Wrexham are not so lucky as at 72.6 years, they have the worst life expectancy for women in England & Wales.

Men living in Bloomfield don't have to worry about paying in to their pension plan, as they only have a life expectancy of 68.2 years. However men in Warfield Harvest Ride in Bracknell Forest need to plan carefully for their retirement as they can look forward to a lengthy 90.3 years of life.

The UK's Office of National Statistics has mapped out life expectancy for every neighborhood in England & Wales. Using the map you can find out how long males and females in your neighborhood can expect to live.

The Life Expectancy by Census Ward map shows that there can be huge disparities in life expectancy between neighborhoods in the very same town. For example where I live in West Ham males have a life expectancy of 81.3 years. If I lived a few hundred meters down the road in Canning Town I would have a life expectancy of just 77.2 years. So I won't be moving there.

The life expectancy figures are based on data from the 2011 census.

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