Wednesday, March 07, 2018

NYC Restaurant Inspection Scores

The NYC Foodiverse is a data visualization of New York City's restaurant sanitation inspection data. The visualization also includes Foursquare reviews, ratings and price tiers for all New York restaurants.

The visualization includes three different ways to explore the data. In the map view NYC Foodiverse marks each New York restaurant by its inspection grade. All the restaurants are color-coded to show the grade they received in their last sanitation inspection. You can hover over individual restaurants on the map to view details on when the restaurant was last inspected, its price tier and the number of likes it has had on Foursquare.

The graph view provides another visualization of the same data. In this scatter plot view the restaurants are plotted by sanitation score and price tier. In other words the restaurants at the top-right of the graph are the most expensive restaurants with the dirtiest sanitation conditions. The restaurants in the bottom-left of the graph are the cheapest restaurants with the best sanitation conditions.

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