Thursday, March 29, 2018

The 1968 Washington, D.C. Riots

The Washington Post has created an informative story map which recounts the Washington, D.C. riots that took place after the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. In 1968 Riots: Four Days that Reshaped Washington, D.C. the Post explores the causes, the events and the consequences of the 1968 riots.

As you progress through the 1968 Riots interactive the map explores some of the significant events, in chronological order, and shows where they took place. The map also shows the locations of more than 2,000 secret service reports into the riots. When you get to the end of the Post's narrative account of the riots you can click on these secret service markers to read a brief summary from the report.

The Washington Post's story map includes video recordings and photos of the riots captured in 1968. It also includes recently videoed interviews from eyewitnesses recounting their experiences of the riots and its aftermath. Towards the end of the story the map also shows the locations of all the buildings which were damaged during the riots.

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