Monday, March 05, 2018

The Drone Alphabet

Latvian mobile phone company Tele2 has created a Latvian Alphabet using letters discovered in the shapes of the buildings, roads and rivers of Latvia. You can use this Latvian Alphabet to send a message to your friends entirely written in aerial images of Latvia.

Tele2 has searched aerial imagery captured by drones looking for shapes that resemble letters of the alphabet. They have been able to complete the whole alphabet using these aerial images of the Latvian landscape. Latvian Alphabet includes a fun application which you can use to type and view your own messages written in this new drone alphabet.

Of course there is nothing new in searching for the shapes of letters in aerial imagery. Rhett Dashwood's - Google Maps Typography, is a few years old now. Rhett's alphabet is made up of letter shapes discovered in geographical features in Google Maps aerial view. There is also Earth Clock, a digital clock assembled from numbers found in aerial views of the Earth (although like my old digital clocks it seems to be struggling to display properly now).

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