Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Exploring Ancient Rome

Heritage Daily has created an interactive map providing information on some of ancient Rome's most iconic buildings. The map shows the footprints of some of ancient Rome's surviving buildings. Buildings which you can still visit today.

Heritage Daily's Ancient Rome map shows the location of major ancient Roman roads and some of the city's surviving ancient monuments. These ancient buildings are listed in the map sidebar. They can also be found by using the map's search option. If you click on an ancient monument's building footprint or marker on the map then an information window opens providing a detailed history of the selected building.

You can also use Milestone Rome to find the locations of historic ancient buildings in Rome. Milestone Rome is particularly useful if you are actually in the eternal city, as it is very good at finding all the nearby monuments and points of interest.

One of the fantastic things about Rome is that wherever you are in the city you are never more than a few meters away from some amazing sites of historical importance. Using the Milestone Rome map you can quickly discover the nearest historical sites to your current location. The Milestone Rome interactive map allows you to discover the location of nearby events and sites of historical interest.

Just enter your location into the map and categorized markers will show on the map all the buildings of interest within 1,000 meters of your current location.

If you are interested in Ancient Rome then you should also check out the Pelagios project. The Pelagios project's Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire is an interactive map of the Roman Empire. The map uses the Pleiades gazette of ancient place-names to recreate the world as known to ancient Romans.

The Digital Atlas of the Roman Empire is also used by Vici.org. Vici.org is an interactive that lets you find the location of buildings and artifacts from the Roman Empire. The map doesn't just feature the ancient buildings of Rome but shows the location of ancient buildings, monuments and artifacts throughout the entire old Roman Empire.

If you want to continue exploring the Roman Empire then you will probably need the ancient Rome route planner. Omnes Viae: Itinerarium Romanum is a route planner that lets you navigate the Roman Empire using the roads and shipping lanes available to the ancient Romans.

Omnes Viae is based on an ancient Roman map known as the 'Tabula Peutingeriana' and allows you to plan a route that contains all the main roads and cities of the Roman Empire. Routes generated by Omnes Viae list the towns and cites and also the river crossings on your trip in the map sidebar and displays the actual route on an interactive map.

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