Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Ethnic Dot Map of Estonia

The Ethnic Dot Map of Estonia is an interactive map which shows where different ethnic groups are living in Estonia. The map contains 1.29 million dots, each dot representing a different Estonian. The map was created using data from the 2011 census. On the map the blue dots show Estonians, the red dots represent Russians and the green dots are for other ethnic groups. Purple dots show people of an unknown ethnic background.

The map does not show where individual people live. The number of people in each ethnic group is randomly placed in buildings in each census area. This gives an approximation of the numbers of the different ethnic groups in each census block not the geographical distribution of ethnic groups within census areas. The buildings are also not necessarily residential. Therefore it may appear as if people are living in your local schools, hospitals or factories.

Although the map doesn't reveal the geographical distribution of Estonian or Russian ethnic groups within individual census blocks it does provide an overview of their distribution at the town or city level. If you zoom out on the map you can clearly identify neighborhoods and areas where Russian immigrants live in large numbers.

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